ITW Texwipe Sealed-Border Wiper

ITW Texwipe invented and patented the sealedborder wiper to prevent the release of particles and fibers. These wipers have set the standard as the cleanest, most effective wipers for ISO Class 3 cleanrooms, mini-environments, and semiconductor processing equipment. All our sealed-border wipers are constructed of 100% continuous-filament double-knit polyester.

Lowest particle, fiber, NVR and ionic levels. Wiper borders are sealed; product is Vectra® processed or cleanroom laundered and packaged.

Sealed-Border Wipers

  • Vectra® Alpha® 10 (TX1010,TX1012)
  • Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10 (TX1050)
  • Vectra® Honeycomb® 10 (TX1060)
  • Vectra® Quantex™ (TX1080)
  • TexTra™ 10 (TX2450)
  • Vectra® Quantum 100 (TX1029)
  • TexTube® (TX1070)
  • TexSeal™ (TX2026, TX2029, TX2022)
  • TexSeal™ HS (TX2036, TX2039, TX2032)
  • TexSeal™ 10 (TX2194, TX21196)