Forklift Air Shower EASF3000 (H3000) Series


2-Side Blow

• 3000mmx3100mmx1000mm (WxHxD)

3-Side Blow

• 3000mmx3250mmx1000mm (WxHxD)




• Slim Design

• Customizable design to meet customers’ requirements and application

• PLC control provides limitless programmability and expandability

• Gapless design eliminates any contamination accumulation

• Can be applied in an in-line cleaning system

• High Quality blower and filter ensure maximum cleaning efficiency

• Easy to transport: a module is design to fit on a pallet

• Designed to withstand heavy duty use

• Stainless steel flooring

• Epoxy coating provides protection

• Electromagnetic interlocking system automatically disengages in case of power lost

• Cleanroom compatible materials

• User configurable: Modules can be added to accommodate more traffic